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Get ready to saddle up…

Howdy, and welcome to, a site for a brand new, crazy-fun trilogy from bestselling authors Donna Alward, Sarah M. Anderson and Jenna Bayley-Burke!

The idea for the stories came at the 2014 Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio, Texas – and in a hallway close to the ballrooms. A few friends had a hilarious story about getting hit on prior to the start of the conference, and one thing led to another and soon there was a lot of laughing about dating sites and a writer’s favorite game ever – WHAT IF.

And so the idea of a series of books about a dating site specifically for cowboys and ranchers was born. Turns out lots of these sites actually exist – who knew? Our editor at Samhain Publishing was game, and on June 23rd the three books hit the shelves.

Head on over to The Books page to read a blurb and link to your favorite retailer. You can mosey by the Author Bios page to find out more about us, and for fun, you don’t want to miss the Dating Profiles of our characters!